Become truly multilingual, and be able to order beer anywhere in the world

  • Where can I find a bus to the city?

  • He loves spicy food - and he got it!

  • You wanted music? Here it is...

  • The clock symbol is probably one you'll be using a lot

  • ICONSPEAK t-shirt

    This is Budapest. Speak Hungarian? No? You'll get by just fine with this t-shirt

  • Available in many colors and from small to xx-large

  • Long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves

  • The world is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Get out there!

  • ICONSPEAK t-shirt


What is it again? Duos cervecas? Dos cervesos? Well, you can probably get this one right with hand gesturing, but what if you’re looking for a ferry, or the police station?

The people at ICONSPEAK love travelling the world, and they were repeatedly left with no words, either in breathtaking awe due to the sceneries, or in empty silence due to their lacking linguistic talents. Such situations got them thinking about how to bridge language barriers with utmost simplicity, on a global level.

So they came up with a shirt… with icons. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Through a shirt you can – in the most rudimentary ways – combine gestures, vocals and mimics to create interaction. A shirt does not need to be recharged and still, you can wear it as you please.

Furthermore you won’t have to worry about software updates to your shirt which will make it uncomfortable to wear, slow to wash or any such thing. It’s a shirt. Wear it, point to the beer icon and show the bartender two fingers. That works in any language!

Price: From 33.00 USD

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Category: Travel, Wear Tags: icons, iconspeak, language, shirt, t-shirt, tanktop, tourist Date: December 22, 2016




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