A bike for your next roadtrip

Outrider USA Horizon

Lazy? Adventurous? Then this is for you.

This bike is here to explore the rugged backcountry where getting out there has never been more fun.

The Horizon was designed with a robust, independent front and rear air-shock suspension and paired with an electric drive system. The base model comes with a range of 15-35 miles (24-56 km) per charge, but it is easily upgradable. More modular battery packs can be added – up to four, which sets the total range at 60-140 miles (96-225 km).

The Horizon was designed from the ground up to be modular. That means you can pick which adaptive components work for you and leave out the others to create the perfect ride for you. That includes usb charger, a parking brake system and a headrest.

The top speed is 20 mph (32 km/h), and the optional ultrabright 1000 Lumen LED headlight makes it possible to ride at night.

Horizon is available as electric-only or in combination with pedals, hand pedals, or the so-called tri-pin control (check the link for more info).

Price: From 12,985.00 USD

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Category: Transportation Tags: bicycle, bike, eav, Electric Adventure Vehicles, horizon, outrider Date: February 20, 2017




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