Brew your own beer – automated

  • Brewie is the world's first fully automated beer brewing device

  • After connecting Brewie to the power plug and water network, it intakes for itself the needed amount of water

  • The Brewie is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean - on the inside, it cleans itself

  • How it works: Put the brewing pads from Brewie into the machine

  • Place the RFID card that came with your Brewie pad in front of Brewie's RFID reader and Brewie will automatically know what kind of beer you want to brew. Press start

  • After 5-6 hours your batch is ready for fermentation. Fermentation usually takes up to 7-21 days depending on the recipe

  • Beer experts can use their own ingredients and their own recipe, and create some beer magic with Brewie


Now anyone can brew their own beer. Whether you know what’s in a beer or not! Brewie is the world’s first fully automated beer brewing device, the only machine on the market that takes care of every single step of the brewing process and follows exactly the traditional way of brewing.

Thanks to the software and hardware attributes, you can brew your favourite types of beer at home. It can be an Imperial with more than 10% ABV, a harsh IPA or a refreshing Belgian-style wheat beer.

Choose your favorite beer right from the recipe database and Brewie will deliver a ready-to-brew package, called the Brewie Pad that contains all the ingredients you need for your own tasty craft beer. It is all natural and the highest quality.

The package also includes an RFID card that stores the details of your recipe. And you can conveniently control Brewie from your smartphone, tablet and laptop as well. It was designed in a way that all generations can handle it easily.

Brewie only uses clean, natural ingredients without any chemicals. The high-quality elements ensure you a delicious and healthy craft beer. The Pads come with 4-8 kg malt, 20-200 g hop, 5-11,5 g yeast depending on the recipe.

After your batch is ready, Brewie can clean itself. Its clean and minimal design also makes it a great match for your kitchen.

Since brewing beer is a social activity, you can share your experiences and recipes with others. Brewie’s online community gives you an opportunity to connect with other brewers all over the world.


Price: 1,899.00 USD

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