Control your devices with a Spin

  • One simple solution to be in control of your devices, regardless of the technologies behind them. Whether infrared, Bluetooth or wi-fi

  • You can rotate the SPIN in different directions. This sideways rotation is usually for volume control

  • SPIN can replace other remote controls. With SPIN, all the buttons are gone

  • The bottom of the SPIN can be used for navigation, whether it's your Apple TV your TV Guide. Swipe to turn on your TV

  • 20 simple gestures can be programmed into seven profiles on the SPIN. That gives a total of 140 commands without a single button. It is fully customisable to your specific needs

  • SPIN remote comes with a free app, that can learn commands from Infrared remotes you already have and control both existing infrared equipment and the latest smart devices

  • The color shows you what profile you're using. Green can be your TV, blue your speakers, orange your airconditioner etc.

  • SPIN remote is powered by two regulanr alkaline AA batteries (included)

SPIN remote SDC-1

Twist and tap. That’s pretty much all you can do with a SPIN remote – but it’s all you need.

SPIN remote eliminates the complexity around steering home devices through multiple controls and remotes. Its seamless functionality allows you to steer your smart and non-smart devices with one simple gesture.

SPIN remote SDC-1 is the ultimate all-in-one solution to control your smart devices and non-smart appliances regardless of the technology – whether infrared, Bluetooth, wi-fi or whatever comes next. One solution that takes away the complexity of the ever-growing number of buttons, remotes and apps this requires.

The SPIN remote SDC-1 allows you to steer the newest smart devices (SONOS, Philips Hue and more) and infrared controlled devices (television, audio and more) with simple gestures. It turns every gesture into a command and confirms it through a gentle vibration. SDC-1 is also fully customisable: it consolidates all the relevant functions of the devices that you define, as well as user profiles.

Price: From 99.99 EUR

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Category: Tech Tags: gesture, lighting, philips hue, radio, remote control, sonos, speakers, spin remote, television, tv Date: February 1, 2017




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