When a cosmopolitan, G&T or daiquiri just isn’t enough

  • Pick a recipe in the app, pour, shake and drink. That's it!

Perfect Drink Pro

Everyone can pour a vodka shot and orange juice in a glass, but how do you make a Paloma? Or a Sea Breeze? Unless you’re a professional bartender, you’ll probably run into problems at some point.

But of course, there’s an app for that! Well, and a scale in this case.

Perfect Drink Pro can’t make you a good bartender, but it can make you mix the perfect drinks. You just look up the recipe on your phone, and it’ll tell you what to do. Put the glass on the scale and start pouring.

There’s no measuring – simply pour an ingredient until you hear the ‘ding!’

Then just shake or stir. Perfect Drink Pro will tell you for how long.

Drinking is something you’ll have to do on your own. But you don’t mind, do you?

Price: 99.99 USD

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