Don’t have a private jet? Here’s one for your wishlist

  • Airbus’ ACJ320 corporate jet is around twice as wide as traditional high-end business jets. Plenty of room for you and your friends.

  • The curved walls create a welcoming feel in the ACJ320neo Melody cabin’s lounge area, which contains a 65-inch curved television screen on one of the walls.

  • A combined conference and dining area for up to six persons.

  • The bedroom features a double bed, a 65-inch television and a bathroom.

  • An overview of the entire cabin with kitchen, conference room, home cinema and master bedroom.

Airbus Corporate Jet 320neo Melody Cabin

One of the most popular planes for mid-range flights is the Airbus 320. American Airlines has 54 and Delta 69, and usually they’re filled with somewhere between 150 and 170 passengers. But why not get one, just for you?

ACJ320neo can get you from Los Angeles to Europe in style. ACJ stands for Airbus Corporate Jets, and ‘neo’ is the New Engine Option with lower fuel consumption.

With the new cabin concept, it’s easy to get comfortable at 30,000 feet.

Called Melody, it features flowing lines inspired by the curves of nature, such as hilly horizons, rolling rivers and desert dunes.

The new concept also focuses on providing a more attractive environment that is both quieter and better adapted to providing sound and vision in a home cinema setting.

The combination also benefits from new technologies – such as weight-saving carbonfibre in tables and cabinets and the simplification that comes from greater use of wi-fi – to enable delivery of a lighter cabin, and hence to increase aircraft range.

More than 180 Airbus corporate jets are in service around the world, flying with companies, individuals and governments on every continent, including Antarctica.

Fly like a boss – but you should probably call your bank first!

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