Enhance your workout – wear a suit!

  • MASS Suit is not a new kind of workout, but it enhances the kind you're already doing by adding resistance

  • The muscles all over your body will benefit from the resistence training using the MASS Suit

  • Whether you're kickboxing, playing football or skiing, the MASS Suit will add a bit (or a lot) of resistance to make your body work harder

  • MASS Suit includes 2 knee straps, 2 foot booties, 2 over the shoe straps, 2 hand grips, 2 silver knee bands (medium strength), 4 (2 silver, 2 red) leg bands (medium & heavy strength)

  • The Pro Series version also includes 2 elbow sleeves, 2 Wrist Straps, 2 silver elbow bands (medium strength), 4 gold arm bands (heavy strength)

  • MASS Suit is for everyone, and can help rehabilitate injured athletes, injured soldiers and people who have physical limitations

  • Can't promise you'll look like this with the mass suit. That's Brandon Ishem using the MASS Suit to stay in shape

  • This is Jesse Nicassio, the NFL player and professional athlete. He founded Juke Performance, the company behind MASS Suit


MASS Suit is the ultimate in accelerated fitness training. Apply the suit to any routine and you will see enhanced results in strength, speed, explosion and endurance.

MASS Suit can be taken anywhere for a fast effective workout. Increase your workout efficiency up to 73%.

Use MASS Suit for sport specific training. You will see improved performance in the first month. Increase or decrease resistance by easily adding or removing clips and bands on your own.

No platforms, no walls, no heavy vest, fully mobile and ready to accelerate your performance. MASS Suit creates total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine to give you the most out of your workout.

The company behind MASS Suit was founded in 2006 by NFL professional athlete Jesse Nicassio. Nicassio developed an innovative system during his playing days to improve his speed, strength and explosion for game time. MASS Suit helped him get to the next level and sustain strenuous football training year round.

You can get the MASS Suit too and enhance your workout efficiency to improve in strength, speed, stamina, power, and physique.

Price: From 289.99 USD

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