Feel the pulse with caffeine mints

  • The flavor is called Siberian Wintergreen

  • Three Catalyst mints are equal to approximately one 8oz energy drink

  • 30 mg of caffeine per mint. 400 mg a day is considered a safe amount of daily caffeine by the FDA

  • The mints are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Just for fun!

  • The Omega Case with 21 Catalyst Mints tins is available for 164.99 USD

Catalyst Mints

Catalyst Mint’s proprietary formula blends the high-impact energy of B-vitamins, caffeine, and taurine, with the precision focus of Siberian Eleuthero.

Siberian Eleuthero Root is a premium ingredient used to take the edge off of caffeine, and to increase focus and energy. Catalyst mints are infused with this unique root to convert pure energy into precision focus, creating a powerful and unrivaled experience.

Each Catalyst mint contains 30mg of caffeine, along with a formula of taurine, b-vitamins, and Siberian Eleuthero. With no sugar, this blend was developed to provide an intense experience with no crash or jitters.

Price: From 9.99 USD

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Category: Food & Drink Tags: b-vitamins, caffeine, catalyst, mints, siberian eleuthero, taurine Date: December 5, 2016




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