The first rolltop suitcase – goodbye zippers

  • The world’s first and only rolltop suitcase

  • Roll up, roll down. The rolltop door is durable and water resistant

  • Trunkster comes with a powerbank (10,400 MAH), so you can charge your devices anywhere

  • The powerbank is powerful enough to charge your iPhone four times

  • Trunkster features a robust, full-width handle that gives you enhanced control and balance

  • Weigh your Trunkster (lbs or kg) and avoid those extra fees at the airport.

  • Should your Trunkster get lost, you can track it. It works anywhere in the world with GSM coverage

  • Oh right, besides those awesome features, you can also put your clothes into Trunkster. Amazing! ;)


Meet the the world’s first and only rolltop suitcase with integrated smart features including USB charging, a digital scale, and location tracking.

Trunkster’s main feature is a sliding rolltop door, representing the first major update to the core industrial design of luggage since wheels. Durable and water resistant, the rolltop door lets you instantly access your belongings in one swift motion even while its standing upright. Rolltop entry is a road warrior’s best friend, specifically engineered to withstand the perils of baggage handling, and providing an enhanced level of theft protection, unlike vulnerable zippers.

Trunkster includes a power bank for charging your devices anywhere. It is removable and can be used independently of Trunkster. If you need more power, simply upgrade with any USB compatible power bank.

Weight restrictions vary drastically by airline, and often even by the route. Get ahead of the curve with our integrated digital scale, built directly into the cargo handle.

Trunkster Tracker traces your case anywhere in the world with GSM coverage and let’s you track using our smartphone app (iOS or Android). Each Trunkster Tracker comes preloaded with a year of free track.

Price: 365.00 USD

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