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  • Quadrofoil

    Quadrofoil is available in three different models - one is a limited edition. All of them are electrical

  • On the website, you can design your own Quadrofoil. Select the color for the wavebreaker, the seats, the winglets etc.

  • With the Q2S, it takes just over 5 m (16 ft.) to get airborne and start flying. It is one of the most energy efficient watercrafts on the market with average operational costs well below 1 € per hour

  • Quadrofoil Q2 delivers up to 1 hour of pure enjoyment and 40 km of thrilling moments - Q2S twice as much

  • The maximum total load is 170 kg/375 lbs - not for two big guys!

  • The patented steering system allows the driver to turn all four foils (rear foils turn opposite of the front foils) which keeps the vessel horizontal and ensures stability at all times

  • Quadrofoil is 100 % electrically powered by a very reliable industry standard battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS), which optimizes usage and charging

  • The race car inspired steering wheel was carefully crafted with a color touch screen display. Its intuitive user interface provides control over the quick-responding Q2. And the best part is you can take it with you since it is also removable and serves as the vessel's unique key

  • Quadrofoil


Quadrofoil is an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft (PWC), which provides the most economically efficient mode of recreational marine transportation.

Due to hydrofoiling and patented steering technology, riding feels like flying on water and provides an entirely new and thrilling water experience. The watercraft operates quietly and doesn’t produce any waves or emissions, which makes it suitable for lakes, rivers, seas as well as marine protected areas, where most motor boats and personal watercrafts are prohibited.

It has a top speed up to 40 km/h (21 knots) and a range of up to 100 km (54 nautical miles) and can be fully charged in under 2 hours.

Quadrofoil is environmentally friendly due to electric outboard motor propulsion and special steering system, both custom developed for Quadrofoil. C-foil technology allows the watercraft to fly on water at high speed with several times better efficiency than any other personal watercraft on the market.

With buoyancy force which lifts the vessel above the surface, Quadrofoil can travel with minimum drag and extremely efficient battery usage. Additionally, operating costs of 1 EUR per hour and low maintenance makes it also the most wallet-friendly PWC.

A patented, integrated steering system makes your Quadrofoil experience simple and exciting. The technology also works as a stabilization system and makes the vessel responsive on the water and prevents drifting.

Quadrofoil is almost unsinkable due to its airtight top module and foil hydrodynamics that create automatic balancing and stabilization. When airborne at 12 km/h it flies over water, and with ergonomic and soft seats premium comfort is achieved.

Price: From 19,950 EUR (you have to pick it up in Slovenia!)

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