Get ready for explosive volume

  • Apparently .50 cal is equal to 200 watts, which this ammo can speaker delivers. And just like .50 cal, that's more than enough!

  • The robust military spec design ensures it can handle bumps, drops and some rain

  • You can wirelessly stream your beats from any Bluetooth device to the A-BOX in CD quality with the optional integrated HD LossLess aptX/AAC Bluetooth module

  • 26 hours of play time on a single charge with the standard battery pack, and up to 78 hours with the biggest and most powerful battery pack

  • The light in the bass reflex tube will tell you how long you will be able to party before you have to recharge

  • The A-BOX comes with an automatic charger which can be used as a permanent power supply to have unlimited music while plugged into the net

  • The ammo can boombox can recharge your smartphone or tablet on the go (optional)

  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 6.1 x 7.7 inches / 30 x 15.5 x 19.5 cm. Weight: 12.9 pounds / 5.9 kilos depending on battery

Thodio .50 CAL A-BOX - the original ammo cam boombox

The .50 CAL A-BOX is a wireless bluetooth speaker built into an original 50’s design .50 caliber ammo can. The A-BOX is a compact power house which produces a punchy clear sound, ready to be taken to the party field and beyond.

The 200 watts RMS audiophile amplifier driving the custom filtered kevlar coned coaxial speakers with softdome tweeters are what makes this box boom. Louder and with more transparency than any portable bluetooth speaker or boombox you have ever experienced.

With batteries running up to 78 hours per charge, think of all the beach parties, camping trips and festivals you can take this beast to without having to recharge. It also functions as a power bank for all your mobile devices if you opt for the double USB charge port.

You can even turn the A-BOX into a portable guitar amplifier with the optional guitar bus.

This wireless speaker is meant to be used anywhere at any time. Whether you’re at home, in the park, at the beach or in case you need to intimidate the enemy in a warzone from a helicopter, yes, Apocalypse Now.

Price: From 419.00 USD

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Category: Music, Weapons Tags: .50 cal, ammo can, bluetooth, loudspeaker, speaker, thodio, usb, wi-fi, wifi Date: March 6, 2017




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