Give your phone some juice – wear a cap

  • Never miss a selfie again. The phone can charge from the solar panel on your snapback

  • There are 5 solar panels on the brim of the cap

  • There are two collections. This one is from the SOLSOL collection with the logo on the front

  • No batteries or outlets required - as long as the sun shines, it works

  • The USB is right beneath the SOLSOL palm tree logo in this pic.

  • Made from 100% cotton and weighs 5.6 ounces/160 grams

  • 34 different colors/patterns available

  • SOLSOL will provide a 5V output on the USB

SolSol Snapbacks

Sol is Latin for Sun, and the Sun delivers enough solar energy every hour, to power everything on the Earth for an entire year. It’s time we take advantage.

SOLSOL™ hat is the first battery-free solar hat that STOPS battery drain on your cell phone and other mobile tech.

Never lose a call or miss that special photo moment or go without your favorite tunes again. Stay charged and maintain the charge of your iPhone, iPad, GoPro and other devices while in the sun.

Just plug your device into the USB and let the solar panel on the brim of the cap work for you.

The patented proprietary power regulator not only allows for the charging of a large variety of mobile devices, it does so without a battery, and without electromagnetic radiation.

The SOLSOL™ hat is a major step in the solar revolution that truly puts solar power in the hands of the individual.

Price: 56.00 USD

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Category: Tech, Wear Tags: cap, hat, ipad, iphone, power, smartphone, snapback, solar, solsol, tablet, usb Date: January 2, 2017




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