Easier travel with interlocking bags

  • This is the 'Fully Loaded' system including Chassis (the handle and wheels), Travel Case and Cabin Case

  • This is the smallest and cheapest system, without the Travel Case

  • For the business traveller, there's the Strictly Business system. It includes Chassis, Cabin Case and a Laptop Bag

  • The Bugaboo is easy to push in front of you

  • When it's time to stow the Chassis, it’s easy to fold into a compact unit. Just press the white button in the center of the wide-grip handlebar and push down. The handlebar telescopes in one smooth motion, and the rear wheels fold and lock into place with a click

  • And that's what it looks like, when the wheels are folded and locked

  • The Cabin Case has an inner bag that doubles as a daypack

  • Two bags with just one hand through the airport

Bugaboo Boxer

Near or far. Short trip or a long journey. The Bugaboo Boxer is as versatile as you need it to be. Its interlocking suitcases click together to create an easy-to-manoeuvre system that holds all of your bags in one place. Travellers can reconfigure it in seconds on a train, at security, during boarding – or anywhere life takes them.

Traditional trollies and suitcases can be a drag to manoeuvre, especially when you want to move fast. Bugaboo’s revolutionary light push steering turns the burden of carting around luggage into a smooth experience. Give your back and arms a break with an ergonomic design that’s made to glide effortlessly.

You can buy system components separately or pre-configured in a design suited to your travel needs.

Price: From 1,030 USD

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Category: Travel Tags: bag, baggage, bugaboo boxer, handluggage, interlock, suitcase, travel Date: November 22, 2016




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