Keep your friends close and your beer even closer

  • Drink pouch – holds your beverage and keeps your hands free

  • Made from waterproof neoprene - keeps your drink cold and condensation off your clothing

  • Any regular size bottle and can will fit in The Bev Tie

  • A velcro neckstrap secures The Bev Tie comfortably around your neck

  • Available in four different colors - plus this camo version

  • Whether you're grilling, camping, partying or kayaking, your beer is just a tie away

The Bev Tie

The Bev Tie holds your bottled or canned beverage and keeps your hands free. No more spilled drinks or awkward wet handshakes at office potlucks.

The Bev Tie keeps your hands free at parties, tailgates, grilling, camping, weddings… Anywhere you need to hold a drink and look stylish. You’ll never go back to conventional beverage holding again.

The neoprene fabric even insulates your beverage and keeps it cold. Noone likes a hot beer!

Since it’s waterproof, it also keeps any built up beverage condensation from getting on your shirt. This anti-beverage-sweat technology keeps your shirt stylish and dry so you can party on.

Price: 19.99 USD

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Category: Food & Drink, Wear Tags: beer, beverage, bottles, cans, neoprene, soda, the bev tie, tie Date: January 16, 2017




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