A knife for punishment and survival

  • Used by police, army and search and rescue teams, this knife should be good enough for you

  • The blace is 8.5 inches long (21.5 cm) and the knife weighs 22 oz (625 g)

  • The handle is made of black linen Micarta

  • The M4X can be used as a knife, hatchet, crowbar and saw

  • This black ballistic nylon sheath is included

M4X Punisher

Selected for the Punisher: War Zone movie from 30 other knives by X Marines. Not for its looks, but for its performance.

Under extreme conditions, where resupply may be dangerous or never happen, you’ll have a razor sharp knife strong enough to break doors, chop down trees, hack through brush, break bones, hammer pegs, break glass, notch logs, quarter game, and complete hundreds of other cutting tasks.

In use today by Individual U.S. Army Rangers, Police, and Search and Rescue Team members. It’s also carried by campers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, survivalists, and outdoor adventurers throughout the world.

Knife collectors have also decided to add the M4X Punisher to their collection. A perfect blend of beauty and usability make this knife an excellent addition to your outdoor gear or knife collection. A work-horse of a knife.

Price: 260.00 USD

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Category: Outdoors, Tools, Weapons Tags: crowbar, hatchet, knife, m4x punisher, Punisher: War Zone, saw Date: February 28, 2017




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