Let artificial intelligence guard your home

  • The BuddyGuard Flare with HD camera, infrared night vision, motion detector, microphone, speaker, siren, accelerometer, temperature sensor, Wi-Fi, SIM module, Bluetooth and lithium-ion batteries

  • The Flare measures 168 mm / 6.61" in diameter and it's 43 mm / 1.69" thick

  • With the app, you can monitor when people arrive and leave

  • Tell the app when BuddyGuard should consider you home. Include your garden

  • BuddyGuard will alert you on your app, when something is not right. Whether a stranger is in your home, or your child is tampering with the camera

  • BuddyGuard has built-in face recognition, so start by showing your face to the camera

  • For private moments, you can tell BuddyGuard to go to sleep

  • Incidents, patterns and exceptions all get recognized and categorized automatically. This means that BuddyGuard gets smarter and smarter every day


Wouldn’t it be nice if your home security system just knew when you’re home, without having to enter a code or anything?

BuddyGuard uses artificial intelligence to make sure you’re safe. It knows you, it knows your family, your pets, even your vacuum robot. And it knows when a stranger enters.

BuddyGuard works with the hardware component Flare that includes an HD camera with night vision and accelerometer.

With the app installed on your phone, BuddyGuard automatically knows when you’re home and away. You can check the camera from anywhere in the world, or check the events that BuddyGuard has registered – ie. when the babysitter entered.

BuddyGuard will also alert you, when something suspicious happens, so you can take appropriate action. And the video can be saved for the police.

Price: 399 EUR / 452 USD

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Category: Tech Tags: android, buddyguard, camera, hd, home security, ios, surveillance Date: July 5, 2017




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