Limited edition watch made from a Ford Mustang

  • Only 250 timepieces are made and each is visually unique

  • REC Watches recovered a black Ford Mustang from 1966 in Sweden and decided to recycle part of the metal

  • The components of the salvaged icon is recycled to the extent possible, preserving as much of the patina as possible

  • The recycled components are repurposed as components in a brand new and utterly unique timepiece

  • VIN number from the car and the serial number is engraved on the case back

  • The watch comes with a scan-able story card together with a one-time only sticker - all in a gift box tin can

  • The other watches in the collection: P51-01, P51-02 and P51-03

The P51-04 Timepiece - Limited Edition from REC Watches

REC Watches transform classic cars into truly unique timepieces. Every REC timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled iconic parts. A concept called RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM – or just REC for short.

2016, REC Watches launched the P51 collection – exclusive watches made from Ford Mustangs. This year comes the limited edition: P51-04.

This limited edition is a ‘red meets black’ combination. It takes off in the classic “Raven Black” color combination as first seen on the Ford Mustang’s in the 1960’s, and remains a very popular choice to this very day.

Only 250 timepieces are made and each is visually unique. Every dial has its unique patina, VIN number from the car, and the serial number is laser engraved on the caseback. The mandatory scanable story card is included together with a one-time only sticker – all in a giftbox tincan.

The limited edition will be sold exclusively through selected retailers. The movement is a Miyota 9130 Automatic.

Price: 1,595.00 USD

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Category: Wear Tags: clock, ford mustang, limited edition, p51-04, rec watches, watch, wristwatch Date: March 15, 2017




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