You need a throne – here’s one with six AK47’s

  • The first numbered AK47 Falcon seat in gold

  • The chair is made of a total of six real AK47's. They can't shoot though!

  • It comes with a cartridge belt with original AK47 cartridges

  • An original russian steel helmet is included

  • It is the first patent-registered, original AK47 chair

AK47 chair Gold (22k,) N.1 Limited edition

It doesn’t get much more over the top than this! The AK47 Chair is composed of four genuine AK47’s featuring a fixed stock and two AK47’s featuring a folding stock, which are utilized as front chair legs and at the same time as both arm rests.

These are real weapons but deactiveted with certificates.

The luxurious fabrics for both arm rests and back rests are hand-woven from London and Venice.

Another highlight is the original Russian steel helmet with leather-coated interior.

Additionally, all L-sections and details from the gun barrels were similarly leather-coated.

The chair was designed by Rainer Weber from Austria. The idea was born while reading a book about Mikhail Kalashnikov – the inventor of the AK47.

Each chair is numbered for collectors and art lovers under the slogan “Art not War”.

Price: The chair is available in chrome design for 80,000 EUR  (85,320 USD) – and in gold design for 120,000€  (127,900 USD). Contact the designer on

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