Who should be notified if something happens to you?

  • ICEmergency USB drive

    A simple idea: A USB drive in case something happens to you. Your name, who to call, your allergies, blood type etc.

  • ICEmergency USB drive

ICEmergency USB drive

Tony from Perth, Australia is a motorcyclist. Spending hours alone on the road, he started thinking ‘what if?’. What happens if you’re on your own and something happens?

And if you’re on the other end, and something happens to a family member, wouldn’t you like to be notified?

Being involved in an accident and not having critical identification to let emergency staff know who to identify leads to a number of issues. Hospital emergency staff could spend hours trying to track down relatives to get permission to operate. They wouldn’t know if the patient was allergic to any medications or anaesthetics. And the family wouldn’t know that their loved one has been involved in an accident.

Tony did something. He invented the ICEmergency USB drive. The preloaded file on the drive takes less than five minutes to complete with all your personal information, it is simple to attach to your car or bike key ring.

The term ICE is internationally recognisable to first responders and emergency personnel. It means In Case of Emergency.

Stay safe out there, but if something happens, be prepared.

Price: 19.95 AUD

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Category: Outdoors, Tech Tags: emergency, ice, icemergency, usb Date: December 20, 2016




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