Party like you’re rich

  • Why would you hide the fact that you're rich? Show it! Shoot some dollar bills out there!

  • The Cash Cannon can be loaded with up to 100 bills. If you use real money, you can spend 10,000 dollars within seconds!

  • The device uses a simple motor and rubber roller assembly that causes enough friction to move dollar bills and other items smoothly out of the slot

  • It’s a simple as it can be. Lift the top cover open, place the money in the loading compartment, and pull the trigger

  • The Cash Cannon 2 includes a light show built into the gun

  • The squeeze trigger allows the user to control the frequency at which the items are dispensed

  • Not rich? Make your own money! Upload a picture of you and you can load The Cash Cannon with your customized dollar bills

  • Just a warning here. If you use money with your own face on it at a strip club, they might not think it's funny!

The Cash Cannon

The Cash Cannon is drastically changing the party scene. Make sure you’re one of the first to impress your friends with this “rainmaker”.

Whether you’re poppin’ off bottles in the VIP or at your own private party, make sure that you are poppin’ off the Cash Cannon too. Everyone will enjoy the fun that comes with this gun.

If you’re not rich enough to use real money, now you can make your own green dollar bills featuring…. you! Upload your image, add a short title or slogan, and there you have it….Money flying everywhere with your face printed on it.

You can also use The Cash Cannon to dispense a promotional flyers or even a deck of cards and make a game out of it.

Price: From 49.99 USD

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Category: Home/interior, Party Tags: cannon, cash, gun, money, party, rich Date: December 1, 2016




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