Pick your teeth with single malt

  • Single malt toothpicks

    Gift set with four glass bottles. One dozen toothpicks per bottle. Photo credit: uncommongoods.com

  • Single malt toothpicks

Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Savor the subtle satisfaction of fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. They feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky flavor with notes of peat and complex caramel. Made from sustainably forested wood, the generously sized picks are soaked in the premium scotch and then kiln-dried, infusing flavors throughout the pick.

The gift set includes 4 glass vials with each 1 dozen toothpicks. It is not intended for children, even though there is no liquid in the toothpicks.

Price: 35.95 USD

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Category: Food & Drink Tags: scotch, single malt, toothpicks, uncommongoods, whiskey, whisky Date: December 16, 2016




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