Print your own pancake

  • PancakeBot pancake maker

    Print and eat - what a lovely concept!

  • PancakeBot pancake maker

    Load your design on an SD card, put it in the PancakeBot and print it.

  • PancakeBot pancake maker

    PancakeBot will automatically dispense batter directly onto the griddle

  • PancakeBot pancake maker
  • PancakeBot pancake maker
  • PancakeBot pancake maker


You probably know about 3d printing and those cakes with a printed edible photo on top. But this is 2017 – of course you can design and print your own pancake!

The PancakeBot is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle.

Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot via an SD card. You can make your own pancake designs with the included software or browse through the online community that is updated with new designs every week.

The pancakes are made on a non-stick griddle and can be up to 17.5 x 8.25 inch/44 x 21 cm.

Take PancakeBot to work one day and make the company logo as a pancake for your co-workers. That’ll impress your boss! Check out other users’ designs in the online collection. And yes, you can find Donald Trump and the American flag in there. If you need anything else, just design it and upload it for everyone to use.

Price: 299.00 USD

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Category: Home/interior, Kitchen Tags: pancake, pancakebot Date: February 13, 2017




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