Protect your stuff on the go with a hardshell backpack

  • The hardshell backpack weighs 1275 gr. or 2.811 lb. and it suits the cabin requirements of most airlines

  • The straps are available in seven different colors, like neon jungle and glacial blue - included, but you can buy extra

  • Carries tablets and laptops up to 15,6 inch

  • Easy access to your small items and smartphone, safely stored in the backpack's two clever compartments

  • Switch System straps are attached and released in seconds by pushing two buttons at the same time. The durable spring-loaded locking system is built from hardwearing POM. Simple and secure

  • The backpack itself is available in these five colors

  • Maximum load: 10 kg / 22 lbs - volume is 15 litres

  • Solid Gray offers the perfect protection during your daily travels. The innovative folding design makes for a strong and lightweight hard shell backpack

Solid Gray

The Solid Gray backpack is super strong and lightweight. Its light, strong and durable hardshell is made from a folded, hi-tech polymer sheet using a minimal amount of material.

Solid Gray is designed with a simple goal in mind: to protect the valuable items you carry with you, day in day out. Solid Gray products are made in the Netherlands. They’re made to last a lifetime, but fit for recycling after years of service.

The Switch System straps are attached and released in seconds by pushing two buttons at the same time. And they’re available in seven colors, so you can switch and swap different pairs in seconds to match your mood and outfit at any given time.

Solid Gray protects your valuables againts scratches and shocks. Lined with durable EPDM foam and features straps, it’ll keep your laptop or tablet in place. And the extra compartment for small stuff will make sure your phone or sunglasses stay safe too.

The easy-to-grab handle automatically retracts itself when not needed, and it’s made from hard-wearing POM plastic, built to last.

Price: From 189.00 EUR

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Category: Outdoors, Travel Tags: backpack, hardshell, solid gray Date: January 12, 2017




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