Put a clock around your finger

  • Hours, minutes, seconds... Time displayed in a new way

  • Blue or orange LED lights

  • It's actually not one ring, but four. One inner, and three outer rings for hours, minutes and seconds

  • Bling for your finger

  • Water resistant up to 30 m. Also tested for showering, bathing and swimming

  • The width of the ring is 14 mm/0.551 in. Other measurements depend on the ring size

  • Available in three colors: Metal, black and gold

  • Running time is a week of normal use. Charging happens inductively and takes two hours

Ring Clock

Most men don’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of jewellery, but a wristwatch is ok. Here’s a chance to combine those two.

Ring Clock is a clock that you wear around your finger. Three outer rings will tell time in hours, minutes and seconds in a way that will impress your friends.

The LED lights are powered by a small battery that will need to be charged wirelessly once a week.

Ring Clock is available in three colors: Metal, black and gold. The metal one is available with blue and orange LEDs. The black version comes with red LEDs, and the gold version has white LEDs. All rings are available in 18 different sizes.

Price: From 349.00 USD + taxes

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Category: Tech, Wear Tags: clock, ring, time, watch Date: March 13, 2017




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