Relax in a floating hammock

  • The Hammocraft on top of three paddle boards

  • Hammocraft holds two to five people

  • A river raft and a Hammocraft

  • The Hammocraft can be mounted on top of kayaks or even inflatable docks

  • Or you can just put the Hammocraft on the beach

  • You can buy different kits like this one including a river raft

  • A fifth hammock can be mounted diagonally


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Why not put a hammock on a floating device? Hammocraft took it a bit further!

Up to five hammocks on an aluminum and steel frame, that can be mounted on kayaks, paddle boards or rafts, or simply put it on the beach and relax. If you’re on the water, just make sure one of you is awake, so you don’t drift away.

If you have your own paddle boards or kayaks, you can use them – otherwise Hammocraft offers kits that include the floating device.

Price: 1,245 USD

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Category: Outdoors, Transportation Tags: beach, floating, hammock, hammocraft, kayak, paddleboard, raft, sailing, water Date: November 7, 2016




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