Rifle balls, tactical testicals, or just Gunsticles

  • Gunsticles

  • Gunsticles

    Available in Tactical Black and Dark Earth variants designed to compliment the widest variety of customer rifles

  • Gunsticles

    The box includes everything you need: Rail mount, Gunsticles scrotum, attachment ring, heat resistant nylon set screw, and hex wrench

  • Gunsticles
  • Gunsticles
  • Gunsticles


Gunsticles are rail-mounted nuts for your Picatinny or Weaver rail equipped rifle. The perfect accessory for the gun enthusiast!

Gunsticles Tactical Testicles come in very attractive professionally designed packaging which really makes them the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast with a great sense of humor. 

And they aren’t just for firearms.  They’re perfect for airsoft and paintball guns too. Make any trip to the range or shooting event even more fun.

They’re beautifully hand-sculpted by an artisan and professionally injection-molded. While lightweight and durable with a subtle, soothing texture, the Gunstacles are the perfect size to make a lasting impression.

Price: 19.95 USD

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Category: Outdoors, Weapons Tags: gun accessories, guns, weapons Date: April 3, 2020




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