A secret pocket to keep and protect your valuables

  • Speakeasy Briefs keeps your valuables safe

  • Can be used for passports, condoms, money, keys etc.

  • You can actually get a 'party pack' with briefs and flask - you have to bring the girl yourself

  • Speakeasy Briefs guarantee that they're the most comfortable and functional underwear you've ever worn. Otherwise: Refund!

  • Special deal for bachelor parties: 25% discount when you order six or more

  • Available in black, neon blue and red

  • This is probably not a good idea, when you go to the airport

  • That package you got might get a little more interesting if you hide something in the pocket

Speakeasy Briefs

Here’s a product that can help you avoid pickpockets, protect your intimate parts and help you in bed. If that was a riddle, you’d never guess the answer!

Speakeasy Briefs were made for music festivals. The combination of beautiful people, great music, and delicious beverages can leave a man with very difficult choices about how to spend his precious time and money.

Speakeasy Briefs are stylish men’s underwear with a secret pocket, providing the perfect solution to an imperfect world of pat-downs and expensive beer.

Price: From 23.95 USD

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Category: Wear Tags: briefs, intimate, pocket, speakeasy, underwear Date: February 8, 2017




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