Share the sun

  • Besides USB power on the WakaWaka Power+, you get four light settings: from 5 to 75 lumen

  • Charge your phone anywhere with a bit of sunlight

  • After a day in the sun, you get up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light

  • Both the WakaWaka Light and Power+ can be positioned on a table top like this, on a bottle or hanging from the ceiling using the hole at the bottom

  • When you buy a WakaWaka, you help families in need. More than 250,000 WakaWaka Lights have been donated to people in countries like Haiti, Mali and Syria

  • Phone being charged in Syria

  • WakaWaka Light with solar panel on one side and two LED lights on the other. It is made of 100% recycled PC-ABS, which makes it high impact resistant

  • WakaWaka Base 10 is intended for anyone that hates to be out of power, or loves to be on the move. It converts solar energy into battery power significantly faster than any other solar charge pack on the market today

Waka Waka - "shine bright" in Swahili

More than one billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity. Once the sun goes down, people are forced to live, eat, study and work in pitch dark.

They also can’t charge mobile phones or other devices. Need to call a doctor? Not possible. Stay in touch with family? Can’t. It’s disorienting and uncomfortable. And sometimes it’s life and death. The alternative for light for living off-grid are kerosene and candles. Problem is, indoor pollution from kerosene fuel kills more people than AIDS and Malaria combined. And every day kerosene fires cost lives and cripple people.

You can help these people by making your own life a little easier with WakaWaka – a power bank and a flashlight powered by the sun.

WakaWaka Light is the small version with up to 80 hours of bright, safe and sustainable light after just one single day in the sun. WakaWaka Power+ gives you 150 hours of light and can also charge your phone. Whether you’re hiking, on a road trip or skiing in the mountains, you’ll never run out of sun and power.

Every time one WakaWaka is sold, one WakaWaka light is donated to a family living in the dark. Places like war-torn Syria with millions of displaced people, where the Red Cross has handed out 10,000 WakaWa­kas. This gives the refugees a little light in the com­plete dark­ness at night.

Price: From 29.00 EUR/39.00 USD

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