A skateboard for the lazy – or the thrill-seekers

  • Where will it take you?

  • With a top speed at 50 km/h or 31 mi/h, you should wear a helmet. If you're not that much of a speedster, you can limit the top speed through the controller

  • With the controller, you can set your BajaBoard at cruise mode for the lazy rides, burnout mode so you can show off to your mates, and drift mode for pulling out donuts

  • The BajaBoard is water resistant, but not waterproof, so don't ride into deep puddles, soft snow, or heavy rain. And keep it clean!

  • Yes, it's that powerful. Search for BajaBoard on Youtube and check it out yourself

  • This is Michelle being towed by a BajaBoard!

  • With front and rear light, you can skate into the night

  • Optional extras: Aluminium rims, aluminium hand controller, carbon fibre shock towers, titanium finishing, custom deck sticker, full custom colors and custom carry case

BajaBoard G4X

If you don’t skate, it’s probably because you think it’s too hard or too boring. Well, we got a little something for you: The BajaBoard G4x.

The most powerful, off-road, all-terrain, electric powered skateboard. The board is an adrenaline toy. Unlike other electric skateboards and mountain boards, G4X features a particular chassis design with a fully sophisticated suspension system. Coupled with high power, the BajaBoard is designed for superior off-road handling and durability.

Top speed is 50 kph or 31 mph. You can also limit the top speed to 10 different levels through the controller.

You can adjust numerous settings for both the board and the controller. There are basic functions like limiting speed and acceleration, but you can also adjust everything from braking strength to traction. There’s cruise mode for the lazy rides, a parking brake when you want to leave the board on a hill, burnout mode so you can show off to your mates, and drift mode for pulling out donuts.

Price: 3,299 USD – extras include aluminum rims, titanium finishing, custom colors etc.

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Category: Transportation Tags: bajaboard, electric, skateboard Date: September 4, 2017




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