Stop stinking, be a boss

  • Just put your sweaty shoes or sports gear in the StinkBOSS and let it kill the bacteria

  • How stinky is your stuff? If you’ve got a super stench going on, put it to the max level, which is six hours, but usually it won't take that long to get your gear fresh

  • The StinkBOSS can accomodate shoes up to size 14 (US), 48.5 (EU)

  • Inside the appliance, there are two vents on pillars and two floor vents, which circulate mild heat and ozone. The mild heat wicks away any moisture in the gear


Sweat alone doesn’t stink. It’s the duo of sweat and bacteria that cause odor.

StinkBOSS eliminates odor from athletic shoes, work shoes and sports gear, rather than just masking it. Just place your smelly items inside the StinkBOSS, close the lid, select your settings and walk away.

StinkBOSS generates mild heat (70-75°F/21-24°C) and circulates ozone, nature’s most powerful disinfectant. Commonly used in hospitals and research facilities to help create sterile environments, StinkBOSS brings this ozone technology into your home.

Ozone can kill up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, without the damaging effects of chemicals or solvents. Ozone is an environmentally friendly oxidant, created using green technology that produces zero wastes.

And StinkBOSS works on any sweaty, stinky gear that fits loosely over the air vents. Things like knee pads, boxing gloves, bike helmet, shin guards, batting gloves, hiking boots, etc.

Price: 149.99 USD

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Category: Tech, Wear Tags: deodorizer, foot wear, heat, ozone, shoes, smell, sports gear, stink, sweat Date: February 3, 2017




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