Superior craftmanship for the audiophiles

  • The speakers are available in dark walnut or bright maple wood

  • The speakers are machined out of solid wood and mounted on leather clad stainless steel stands

  • Grovemade Wood Speakers are a part of the Desk Collection - everything is available in walnut and maple

  • Works with computers, phones, turntables, and just about any audio device

  • All wood and metal components are manufactured in Oregon, USA

  • Speaker dimensions: Length 7.5 inches (19 cm), width 3.5 inches (9 cm), height 8.75 inches (22 cm). Weight: 1.75 lbs (800 g)

  • The CNC machined enclosure has no parallel walls and no flat surfaces. Like a concert hall or recording studio, its internal geometry eliminates standing waves that cause distortion and time smearing. This is particularly important because the driver's extremely thin metal diaphragm, which is necessary for its performance, would otherwise let these standing waves and reflections reach the listener

  • Includes speakers, amplifier, all necessary cables (speaker wire, RCA to 3.5mm cable, power cable)

Grovemade Wood Speakers

The Walnut and Maple Speakers are machined out of solid wood and mounted on leather clad stainless steel stands. But it’s not just design: Grovemade is so sure you’ll love the sound that they’re offering a 30 day audition when you buy: Try them out for 30 days, have a listening party, play your favorite tunes. If they’re not for you, send them back and get a full refund, including shipping, no matter where you live.

The Wood Speakers consist of thick slabs of either western walnut or eastern hard rock maple, each speaker is made of two halves that are glued together with a high performance epoxy, small pins ensuring perfect alignment.

The speaker shells are hand shaped by craftsmen through three levels of power and hand sanding, making each piece one of a kind. Natural oil is applied, buffed, and left to dry overnight to finish the wood. The process is repeated the following day with a second coat, and dried for another night.

The electronic components are installed and capped with a stainless steel stand which is then covered with premium vegetable-tanned leather for a clean, finished look.

Price: From 499.00 USD

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