The time is inside the wood

  • The Cube is 120 x 120 x 120 mm / 7.4 x 7.4 x 7.4 inches

  • Clock display alternates between time, date and temperature

  • When the clock is turned off, it's just a block of wood

  • 12/24 hour clock can be selected as well as Celsius/Fahrenheit

  • The Maxi Cube Click Clock compared to the regular Cube Click Clock

  • Weight: 1 kilo - that's 2.2 lbs

  • The back with buttons to set the clock and for recharging. Without power supply, the battery will last for appx. two weeks, if clock is in permanent display

  • Four different Maxi Cube Click Clocks in different materials and LED colors

Maxi Cube Click Clock

Time passes by whether you want it or not. What’s important is how you spend it – and in this case, how you monitor it.

Because time can be smart, clever, ultra-stylish, functional and simple with this cube alarm clock.

The Maxi Cube Click Clock can tell you the time, date and temperature alternately in LED light on a wood-effect or aluminum block at the click of your fingers and automatically switches off when the room is quiet, lighting up again when the alarm goes off or as a response to clicked fingers or clapped hands.

The numbers seem to float on the block, but that’s just half the magic of this cuboid.

Make an impact in your room with this attention grabbing LED alarm clock and never forget the importance of your time.

Price: 55.00 GBP/69.00 USD

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Category: Bedroom, Home/interior, Living Room, Office, Tech Tags: clock, maxi cube click clock Date: April 6, 2017




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