The umbrella that opens the other way round

  • The Suprella is coated with nanotechnology, so rain just rolls off and doesn’t absorb into the material

  • The Suprella is twice as strong as a normal umbrella, so it stands up to stormy conditions

  • The Suprella comes in five colors and four patterns

  • You can also use the Suprella in the sun. No harmful UV radiation can touch you under the Suprella

  • Suprella has a height of about 85 cm and a diameter of 2-3 cm when folded. When using the Suprella, it has a diameter of around 110 cm safe and dry area. It weighs around 0.5 kg

Suprella Pro

Some things never change, like toilet paper, a tooth brush, or an umbrella. Because what would you change? Well, a Berlin-based startup company had some ideas, and now we have the Suprella.

Suprella Pro is the reinvented, inverted umbrella, that opens the other way round so that the wet side is on the inside and the dry one on the colorful outside. Watch the video below, and it’ll all make more sense.

This innovation combines umbrella and parasol, providing not only nano coated material to let rain easily roll of. Suprella Pro provides practicality and style in one product to make leaving the house or car an elegant and intuitive movement without ever getting wet again.

The Suprella Pro is a double layered inverted umbrella and the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side. It only requires very small space to open, which makes it suitable for entering and exiting house and car easily on rainy days.

Its additional UV protection layer makes the Suprella Pro suitable as parasol as well, while the unusual, ergonomically designed handle is highly comfortable to hold in every position.

Price: 93.00 EUR

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Category: Outdoors Tags: inverted, nano, rain, suprella, umbrella Date: January 31, 2017




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