Wear your laptop with style

  • The ÉSTIE Slim Case Dark Grey

  • All cases come with an adjustable leather and felt shoulder strap.

  • Great for any laptop-owner looking for style

  • Measurements for the 13 inch version: 36 X 26 X 2 cm/14.17 X 10.24 X 0.79 inch

  • Measurements for the 15 inch version: 41.5 X 29 X 2 cm/16.34 X 11.42 X 0.79 inch

  • Éstie ships to almost anywhere in the world

  • Delivery time is 5-7 business days

  • Éstie is Scandinavian craftsmanship for the modern traveler, founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2014 with the sophisticated professional in mind.

Éstie Slim Case Dark Grey

There are all kinds of crazy laptop bags with extra pockets for pens, money, notebooks etc. Pockets that usually end up with forgotten receipts and plain trash.

The ÉSTIE Slim Case is just that: slim – and without all that extra fuss. The simplicity makes it beautiful, and it makes you stand out.

The case is available for 13 inch and 15 inch laptops, it’s 100% handmade and features carbon leather weave and a beautiful felt finish. All cases come with an adjustable leather and felt shoulder strap.

There’s also a light grey version available here.

Price: 229.00 EUR/247.00 USD

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Category: Office, Wear Tags: case, computer, estie, laptop Date: February 6, 2017




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