Wrap a bullet around your finger

  • Bullet Ring Sterling Silver Men's. With or without crystal, with almost any caliber, measures approximately 9/16" at the widest point

  • AK-47 Adjustable Bullet Snowflake Ring. Made with a real, recycled AK-47 (7.62x39) bullet casing, which is surrounded by a pattern of clear rhinestones and features a genuine Swarovski Crystal in the center. Measures approximately 13/16" in diameter. The stretchy band is 7/16" wide

  • 38 Special Sweetheart Antique Sterling Silver Bullet Ring. Made with .925 Sterling Silver, your choice of Swarovski Crystal color (or no crystal) and a genuine fired (recycled) Winchester® 38 Special Bullet Casing

  • Stainless Steel Bullet Ring for Men. Made of solid, high quality stainless steel and a genuine recycled bullet head. Choose your favorite caliber. Dress it up with a Swarovski crystal if you like or leave the fired primer exposed. Width varies according to size

  • 40 Caliber Bullet Ring, Antiqued Brass. Made with a genuine recycled 40 caliber brass bullet and available with your choice of Swarovski crystal (or none). Measures just over 1/2" at the widest point

  • 45-70 Fire & Ice Bullet Ring. The bullet casing is surrounded by clear rhinestones and features a genuine Swarovski crystal in the center. Measures approximately 7/8" in diameter. The stretchy band is 7/16" wide. Bullet brand may vary

  • Custom Bullet Ring Brass Double Finger. Features five real, recycled bullet casings and genuine Swarovski crystals. The antique silver adjustable ring base fits on your second and third fingers. Made from these real fired bullets: 223 (AR-15), 357 Magnum, and 08. It is 2" long x 1/2" wide

  • Bullet Ring Colt 45 Custom Hammered. The hammered, silver plated adjustable ring base measures 3/8" wide. The Colt 45 Bullet measures approximately 1/2" in diameter. Your choice of genuine Swarovski Crystal color (april shown) or no crystal at all. Also available with a nickel Colt 45 upon request (brass shown)

Bullet Designs Bullet Rings

Bullet Designs in Choudrant, Louisiana specializes in turning bullet casings into beautiful jewellery for men and women. The bullet casings are real and have been fired, and you can get pretty much any caliber for you ring.

9 mm, AK-47, AR-15, .357 Magnum – any bullet will fit into a ring.

You can get the standard bullet ring, or you can even send in your own bullet casing and have Bullet Designs make your own very special bullet ring.

Want to make it even more special? Have it engraved!

The Swarovski crystal in some of the designs is available in many colors, and the rings are available in several sizes.

Price: From 19.99 USD


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